You Are Not Forgotten
By Evelyn Grubb and Carol Jose
Foreword by Henry A. Kissinger
When Air Force Pilot Captain Wilmer
Newlin “Newk” Grubb, 33, is shot down
over North Vietnam in January, 1966, he
is captured, alive and well, by the North
Vietnamese military. What actually hap-
pened to Newk Grubb after he reached
the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison as a
P.O.W. remains a mystery to this day.
This true story of enduring love and tragic
loss, set in a deep and moving time of
war and extreme socio-political upheaval,
is an inspiring account of remarkable
individuals, citizens, celebrities and
politicians. Together they would create
history. Each of them is a true American
hero and they will never be forgotten.
… would make John F. Kennedy proud – this is a real life
“profile in courage” by a remarkable woman who never gave
up even though her nation did… read it and weep…
— Don Shepperd, Major General, USAF (Ret.),
CNN Military Analyst, co-author
 “Bury Us Upside Down”
Thank you for what you’ve done for the Grubb family, and for all
of us, in recording the history of the courage shown by our waiting
families, that today still makes us proud. The POW/MIA flag and this
riveting book tell it truthfully: “You Are Not Forgotten.”
— Marlene and Capt. John “Mike” McGrath, USN (Ret.),
Vietnam POW, Author of
 “Prisoner of War: Six Years in Hanoi”
Evie never stopped fighting for the other POWs and MIAs.
I was proud to work with her as we plowed new ground and did
what military families had never done before. “You Are Not Forgotten”
relates in amazing detail the history of the National League of Families,
a story that has needed telling. I’m grateful that now it has been told.
— Phyllis Galanti, Chairman of the Board,
National League of Families (1972/73)
First flown in 1971, the POW/MIA flag has become an
American icon. I’m proud and honored to have helped create it. This
absorbing book tells that story, and so much more. The POW/MIA
and veterans are by no means forgotten.
— Newt Heisley, World War II Veteran; designer of the POW/MIA flag
You Are Not Forgotten
Authors: Evelyn Grubb and Carol Jose
$24.95 + shipping/handling
Hardcover; 6X9; 360 pages
ISBN: 13: 978-0918339-71-3
Vandamere Press
It is only through the recording of incidents like the ones you 
will read about here, in the pages of “You Are Not Forgotten,” 
that we can study them, and hopefully learn from that experience. 
— Henry A. Kissinger, former Secretary of State
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